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"TCB Caring Hands" is built upon the tenets of patriotism, stewardship and compassion. We serve our country by honoring our veterans, the elderly, and their families, believing that they, more than any others, deserve recognition and compensation. TCB will provide a onetime financial contribution to every veteran and elderly citizen that we can reach. And, by involving others, TCB can help turn a onetime contribution into an ongoing income!

Our primary focus is on our veterans who gave their best, and sometimes their all, to protect our rights and freedoms. As the son of a veteran of the armed forces, Terry Keller, founder, came to appreciate the seriousness and enormity of the commitment made by each service member. It is his wish, and the wish of each TCB associate, to provide the highest level of security and comfort possible for each veteran we can reach. Whatever need is unmet in the lives of our esteemed veterans, TCB wants to meet it, with caring hands.  The TCB concept is to use your donations to start a cycle of blessings that can help veterans and their families enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. We will change the lives of those who were willing to give their lives for us.

America's elderly citizens are often the most overlooked people in society. TCB wants them to know that they are not forgotten! They are our greatest patriots; the backbone of America. Like our veterans, elderly citizens have given us more than we can repay them; our history, heritage, and hope for tomorrow. Yet, the elderly often experience isolation and despair as a result of incapacitation, poverty or most likely, both. TCB will reach out with caring hands to those who built a stable and prosperous foundation for us, and show them our gratitude and support, for today and for the days to come.

Thanks for giving! You are helping us to bring peace of mind, a little more   comfort, and the joy of feeling appreciated, personally, to our veterans and the elderly. They put us first. Now it's time for us to return the favor! Please join us in making a difference in our country in a proactive and tangible way. Help us give to those who gave the most. Together, we can reach them all!

We are Taking Care of Business with Caring Hands!


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Copyright © 2010-2011 TCB Caring Hands is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that is not a government agency or affiliated with any government agency or government department. TCB Caring Hands receives no Federal, State, or local tax aid.

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