Special Pay

All branches of the military offer special pay in addition to basic pay benefits and allowances. These special pays are based on your career field, location, special skills and even the date you joined the military. There are currently more than 70 types of these, so be sure to see if you are eligible for any and apply for those that are not automatically added to your paycheck.

Veterans Pay

Military Veterans fall into two categories: career-retired and non-career retired. Actual pay benefits vary depending on which category you fall into. But there are benefits for all veterans that can be considered a form of pay.

First, if you are a career-retiree, you qualify for a pension plan that will start the day you retire from service. It is a percentage of your final pay amount and will be adjusted each year according to cost-of-living adjustments.

Retired Pay

A retirement plan from active duty U.S. military is unlike most corporate retirement plans. For starters, most retirement plans do not offer a pension with benefits that start Day 1 of your retirement regardless of your retirement age. Nor do most other corporations offer a pension check that can grow with a cost of living adjustment each year.

Reserve Pay

Reserve Pay is for members in the Selected Reserves or National Guard. These service members are paid regular drill pay for serving one weekend a month. Special pay for special skills is added on top of the basic drill pay.


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