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We would like to let you know first a little bit about us, the group and then we will present a small Bio of each of our Board members and key personnel. We feel it is important to put a face with a name and to let you know where we stand on our goals of T.C.B. Caring Hands, Inc. Our address and phone number is below for your convenience.


TCB Caring Hands, Inc.











Our Story


One year ago we started a web site to bring news and information to like minded investors.  As management talked with the members, we discovered that we had a large number of veterans in our membership.  In talking with these veterans, as well as other members with friends and family that were veterans, we were reminded that many of those that have fought to retain freedom for not only Americans, but people desiring freedom all over the world, have not always been taken care in the manner that we KNOW such heroes deserve.  Our veterans, as well as our men and women currently serving our country, deserve all of the respect we can give them and the best care available anywhere.

With this realization of how many veterans there are without access to all of the needed resources, the idea of TCB Caring Hands was born.  It is the mission of TCB Caring Hands to bring together in one place all of the resources that our veterans need, as well as assistance in accessing those resources.  TCB Caring Hands will also be providing a number of services directly to the veterans


Reunions & Upcoming Events

Copyright © 2010-2011 TCB Caring Hands is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that is not a government agency or affiliated with any government agency or government department. TCB Caring Hands receives no Federal, State, or local tax aid.

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