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YouTube is one of the most popular and convenient ways to make short video messages available to the masses. TCB Caring Hands will utilize this outlet in its endeavor to bring information to the veterans through it’s own YouTube channel. This channel will provide short video clips about TCB Caring Hands – who we are and what we do as well as many other subjects.


Throughout the year, TCB Caring Hands will be sponsoring a number of promotions and events. Our calendar will show when those events will take place and you can go to the TCB Caring Hands YouTube channel to get the details of where and what is taking place. These clips will give you information on anything that you need to do to participate in the events.


Additionally, there are many other military related sites that have videos on them that TCB Caring Hands feels would be beneficial to you. Those will be posted on the TCB Caring Hands channel as appropriated and as permitted by those sites.


The channel, however, will not be limited to just those videos. If you have something that you feel would be of interest or beneficial to the Veterans, please let us know. You may even produce your own video of appropriate material and post it on this channel, making the channel truly special.


At TCB Caring Hands we believe in honoring those who serve our country, past and present. This outlet will also be used for that purpose.


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Copyright © 2010-2011 TCB Caring Hands is a non profit 501(c)3 organization that is not a government agency or affiliated with any government agency or government department. TCB Caring Hands receives no Federal, State, or local tax aid.

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