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Veterans Back to Work

Older veterans generally understand how valuable they are or can be to employers, but younger ones often do not. Many employers wrestle with the downside of “Generation Y,” those born between the years of 1977 and 2002. These are the “echo boomers,” numbering about 70 million strong and entering the workforce with high – and often self-serving – expectations. As a group, echo boomers have a lot of desirable qualities such as being financially astute; expecting results from themselves; and honoring the concept of work-life balance. It is the less desirable qualities that lead employers to be less than impressed. Of course there are differences among individuals, but generally echo boomers approach being undisciplined. They often question authority and have little if any loyalty for the employer.


Echo boomers who also are veterans are highly desirable job candidates! They possess all of the desirable qualities of their generation, and thanks to their military service they have overcome the natural qualities that are less than desirable in the employer’s perspective. Is there a veteran who does not know the value of discipline and loyalty? The employment and entrepreneurial programs offered through and by TCB Caring Hands focus on highlighting the benefits of giving veterans hiring preference. We educate young veterans in their inherent value to employers, and we promote to employers the benefits of hiring veterans.


Veterans need to be able to expect to provide or at least contribute to their children’s education. TCB Caring Hands understands that while many veterans’ children will choose to attend college, others will have greater interest in vocational and trades training. The choice should lie with the student and his family, and TCB Caring Hands seeks to lessen the influence of cost. TCB Caring Hands grants and scholarships are based on a variety of criteria and so are open to a broad range of potential students.




Financial Services:  It happens to everyone from time to time…. Through circumstances or situations beyond your control, such as illness or accident, there is just not enough money left at the end of the month. You have unmet needs.  Perhaps you need a utility bill paid… the car breaks down and you can’t get to work because you don’t have the funds to fix it, or you have been ill and cant afford to pay your mortgage this month…. TCB is here to assist - to lend a hand, to make a difference.






How many times do we hear of families that get by and are able to deal with life’s necessities but cannot afford a fun, relaxing getaway for both the parents and their children? TCB Caring Hands’ Vacations for Veterans intends to change that pattern for many of our veterans. An example vacation will include all transportation – including air or bus transportation to Orlando – hotel accommodations for up to five family members; hotel restaurant meals; tickets to the family’s choice of theme parks; one meal at the Boston Lobster Feast (; and a $300 debit card to use for incidental expenses.

Any veteran who is retired, honorably discharged or medically disabled is eligible for TCB Caring Hands’ Vacations for Veterans packages. Veterans meeting specific criteria can enjoy totally free vacations. We still can help veterans not qualifying for free vacations through TCB Caring Hands, helping to secure vacation packages at greatly reduced cost. Currently, all vacations through TCB Caring Hands will be in the vicinity of TCB Caring Hands’ headquarters in Orlando, Florida.



Housing Assistance for Homeless Veterans

A study released in February 2011 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development concluded that compared to other Americans, veterans are 50% more likely to be or become homeless. Estimates in 2011 are the same as those from 2007, when a study by the Homelessness Research Institute found that although military veterans make up 11% of the total US population, they make up roughly 25% of the total homeless population. That is an overall figure – in communities hosting VA hospitals, the percentage often is much higher. There are many, many reasons for homelessness. TCB Caring Hands addresses all external causes and provides a hand up. It is our purpose to truly help while also seeking to restore the veteran’s pride and self confidence.





Home Health

Healthcare professionals and hospital administrators finally have realized the benefits of providing home healthcare where doing so is practical. Approved periods of home care still can be much shorter than what is needed, however. TCB Caring Hands provides assistance in home health and in bridging the gaps left by government programs and private insurance.






Medical Equipment



As healthcare costs continue to spiral upward, all payers continue to place more rigid limits on what they will provide in terms of equipment. Third-party payers including the VA and private insurers pay only for “necessary” equipment, of course. The problem is that what’s “necessary” continues to be redefined as costs continue to rise. A disabled veteran may have no trouble securing a wheelchair, yet cannot be approved for a ramp. Though the ramp cannot be defined as a medical necessity, it absolutely is necessary for a higher quality of life. This is an example of a gap that TCB Caring Hands can fill.



Reunions & Upcoming Events

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